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The Honors Program enhances and enriches the university experience for our academically most able students. Eligible students can schedule honors courses, undertake honors research, and participate in the various co-curricular activities of the Honors Program.

For new OSU students, the requirements for admission to the honors program are quite high: Only those who have graduated in the top 10% of their high school class and recorded an ACT composite score of 30 or higher are normally eligible for honors designation. However, the Mansfield campus, along with the other regional campuses, has been authorized to offer provisionary honors status to a few incoming students who bring a combination of solid ACT scores and high academic achievement during high school class. To earn full honors status, these students must register for an honors class - preferably English H110 - during the first quarter of college work and record a grade point average of at least 3.40 during the Autumn quarter.

Honors status allows students to take special courses, working one-on-one with distinguished faculty scholars, to participate in honors events, and to take on special research projects and the Senior Honors Thesis (Undergraduate Research Grants). Perhaps most important benefit is the chance to graduate "with honors" or "with distinction," a valuable entry on any professional resume or graduate school application. Finally, honors students enjoy University Priority in scheduling courses each quarter, making it highly unlikely they will be closed out of any course.



Any interested student who thinks he or she might be eligible to participate in the Honors Program, but has not received an invitation to participate, should contact the Honors Program Director:
Terri Winnick
Ovalwood 349

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