Apiaceae (=Umbelliferae)

"Carrot and Parsley Family"


Daucus carota

Image Source:  C.A.M. Lindman's Flora

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Flower Characteristics
  • flowers in umbels, or more commonly, in compound umbels
  • flowers regular and epigynous
  • perianth of  5 seperate sepals and petals
  • stamens 5
  • pistil with inferior ovary of 2 fused carpels
  • floral formula:apiaceae -schizocarp
  • flowers usually white or yellow 
Vegetative Characteristics
  • biennial or perennial herbs
  • leaves are usually highly dissected and pinnately compound (rarely palmate)
  • petioles usually sheathing the stem
Other Points of Interest
  • a large family of approximately 200 genera and 2900 species worldwide
  • economic value as food (carrot, celery, parsnip, etc.) and for aromatic oils (anise, caraway, dill, etc.)
  • some poisonous (poison hemlock) or weedy (wild carrot)
  •  Celery (Apium)
  •  Poison Hemlock (Conium)
  •  Golden Alexanders (Zizia)
  •  Salt and Pepper, Harbinger of Spring (Erigenia)



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